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Children’s Mental Health 

Our musical storytelling program has been positive for childhood mental health.  Our Musical storytelling helps children enjoy childhood, while also learning a lot of things that are good for mental health. Learning activity skills and how to clean up after yourself are excellent elements of childhood self-confidence.

Our  Musical storytelling /Games help in character development activities such as meeting new people, welcoming new people, overcoming challenges, dealing with the adversity of not getting what you want all the time, being brave (in a safe setting), embracing high standards of conduct, and learning the joys of self-reliance. Our program Sos-musical emphasizes mental toughness and grit.


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At SOS Musical Series, we help Parents and the their kids develop social media literacy and by teaching them to think critically about the content they’re consuming. Help parents as well to be aware of what their child is posting and who they are interacting with on the platform. Please consider our basic communication devices before setting children/child a smartphone. At SOS Musical Series we involve children with activities through Social media, stealing the time they would be spending on other platforms. We keep children engaged at home with content that builds their mind on their devices/gadgets.

  • We help Parents to encourage their kids to practice good digital citizenship by modeling responsible behavior on social media and respecting other users. This could include refraining from posting negative comments or spreading rumors, and being mindful of other people’s feelings. This can also help to cultivate a more positive online environment.
  • at sos musical we ensure that that the child’s social  account is private, and properly monitored and that the right settings are enabled to help protect them from any potential harm.
  • Further, parents should set limits on how much time their children can spend on Instagram and discuss the importance of staying safe online. This can be discussed mutually. Now you have features on Instagram that shows your usage of data and you can discuss it with your children.
  • Children need the skills to consume with self-control and discernment, parents must help them to grow in this responsibility. They should be taught the science of dopamine play in brains and the addiction that it has the potential to create. Tell them the difference between consuming content for entertainment and consuming it to grow.
Sos Musical Band


Mary Warnement


Head of Readers Services

Boston Athenaeum 

Maria Daniels


Harvard University

Senior Director, Communications



Meli Solomon 


Founder Talking With GOD Project Podcaster, Living Our Beliefs 


Dani Crickman

South Boston Branch of Boston Public Library Head Children’s  Librarian 



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