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Building Social Media Literacy with SOS Musical Series

Empowering Parents and Children in the Digital World

Our Core Beliefs

  • A child’s work is play.

  • Music provides opportunities to develop critical non-musical skills through play and exploration.

  • All children have the potential for successful, meaningful interactions with music. 

  • Music can help access and build upon the strengths of every child.

Music is engaging, creative, and fun! 

Active involvement in music has beneficial effects on many areas of child development. 

Music therapy provides specific interventions to help children who are not meeting developmental milestones or need extra support. 

Modulations Therapies brings individual, family, and group music therapy to children of all ages and abilities. We serve children in homes, schools, and facilities throughout Boston and New York.

Ensuring a Safe Online Environment

Protecting Children from Potential Harm

Private and Monitored Accounts

SOS Musical Series takes a proactive approach to online safety by ensuring that a child’s social account is private, properly monitored, and equipped with the right settings. Learn how these measures help protect children from potential online threats.

Setting Time Limits

Discover the significance of setting limits on the time children spend on Instagram. Explore the mutual discussion approach, taking advantage of features that show data usage on Instagram to foster open conversations about responsible online behavior.

Developing Digital Citizenship and Self-Control

Fostering Positive Online Habits

Modeling Responsible Behavior

SOS Musical Series encourages parents to model responsible behavior on social media, emphasizing the importance of refraining from negative comments or spreading rumors. Learn how this approach contributes to a more positive online environment.

Teaching Digital Discernment

Delve into the necessity of teaching children the science of dopamine play in the brain and the potential for addiction. SOS Musical Series advocates for educating children on the difference between consuming content for entertainment and consuming it for personal growth.


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