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Building Social Media Literacy with SOS Musical Series

Empowering Parents and Children in the Digital World

A Musical Storytelling Series

Explore how SOS Musical Series equips parents with the tools to help their children build essential skills using social media platforms. From setting guidelines to fostering communication skills, discover the keys to responsible and meaningful online engagement.

Sos Musical Storytelling Series

A Musical Storytelling Series Event For Libraries and Schools in New York City Written by Sostheng Kituyi. You’re reading and dancing with Sos musical Band &Staff: Meet The Musicians! Sostheng Kituyi(Sos) who’s singing and jamming on the Guitar, likes to compose and perform for kids like you! He is the narrator of todays musical story. Sos is the Director of the Musical Storytelling program. He will be singing during the tale today

Ensuring a Safe Online Environment

Protecting Children from Potential Harm

Tiny Tiny Musical Storytelling

is a live musical story series, performed for kids in very tiny spaces, hosted by SosMusical Band


Youth & Teens

  • songs about hard work and success
  • motivational songs for work
  • songs about achieving goals
  • team building fight songs
  • pump-up songs for teams


Developing Digital Citizenship and Self-Control

Fostering Positive Online Habits


SOS Musical Series 

 Singing games,  an activity based on a particular verse or rhyme, associated with a set of actions and movements when we play or teach. As a collection, they have been  important part of childhood culture in the world.


Art and music

Children’s wire made cars are sold to the highest kid bidder.

I think that children’s books that focus on history and culture are one of the greatest resources. They educate kids in a simple and fun manner. I may be a bit biased because I am both a book lover and author, but I promise you, you can never go wrong with children’s books. Don’t miss the secret of this Musical art, songs created during art making.

An art homemade wire vehicle for children.

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